A list of companies and some of my favorite products that I use, know, love and trust!

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Sustainable activewear that is fashionable, eco-friendly,

gives back to the planet

after every purchase 

and is super comfy!

Each piece is made out of recycled plastic!

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Sustainably sourced, high quality crystal wands & yoni eggs for all your self pleasuring needs and desires! These products are a natural and toxic free alternative to rubber dildos and support slow, conscious self pleasure!

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Four Sigmatic is an amazing coffee & mushroom elixir company that offers

a full line of high quality, nutrient dense mushroom based products! Each has a unique flavor and function for you to enjoy! I am always super mindful about the amount of caffeine

I am consuming; too much over a long period of time can have serious consequences!

Protect your brain, nervous system and body! Love having some alternatives and multiple options for yummy drinks!


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Fashionable and science backed blue light blocking glasses!

To effectively combat the negative effects of artificial blue light during the day its essential to wear blue light filtering computer glasses.

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CBD bath, body and wellness products handmade with pure intentions and organic ingredients. They use only the highest quality and purest CBD available today. Free of all chemicals and pesticides. 

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Kava is a miracle herb, that has been historically used by South Pacific islanders and is derived from the root of piper methysticum. This herb is amazing for stress, anxiety, sleep related issues and more! It is a safe, natural alternative to drugs and alcohol that can bring about significant mood boosting, cognitive enhancing and anxiety relieving effects. Not only is it nonaddictive, it also works to improve motor skills and cognitive functioning!

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Ethically made activewear that not only makes clothes out of recycled material, they will also take old Girlfriend pieces and make them into brand new Girlfriend pieces! By choosing Girlfriend, you help divert waste from landfills and support a ethical work environment for people who make your clothes!

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Health, beauty and wellness products that are sourced by high quality ingredients.

Body, hair, skin care,

herbal remedies and

nutritional support!

All made with intention,

love and care! 

My favorites are the sleepy time and anxiety relief!

Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 8.55.53 PM.png

Some of my favorite

body oils, masks,

face serums and more! 

Enjoy these earth-based skin care products, formulated with the 5,000 year old wisdom of Ayurveda, that are intentionally designed for all different

body and skin types!

Their pure, organic, 

skin care products are blended with specific Ayurvedic herbs that will leave your skin looking healthy, youthful & glowing!!

I use the Vata Dosha line for my mind/body type which is more prone to having dry skin!

What's your dosha?