hello beautiful!!!

Do you feel fully seen and heard for who you truly are? 

I'm not talking about the stuff you're putting up on social media but those deep, profound thoughts and feelings you may only allow one or two to actually

see and witness?!?

or Do you feel like you are editing your thoughts, feelings, desires and needs out during your interactions with others in an effort to just "fit in"?


do you feel like you are compromising

yourself and your needs for others?

do you feel like you are doing things simply because it's what everyone else is doing or because it's 

what someone else expects you to do?

are you constantly trying to stay busy in an effort to avoid all of your pain and discomfort? 


and as a result, not living the life you

want to live because you're busy

living it for someone else...

if that is the case...

please stop!!!

Lets do this! I will support you!

it's time for you to step up and take

responsibility right now for how you

are choosing to live your life!

Are you ready? I'm going to be there!

In case anyone hasn't told you yet...

you do have the power and

you are in control!

 you can be who you are  and

do exactly what you want with your life

while also being embraced by

the right people for you!

You don't have to loose yourself in the process

of connecting with others and finding

your feeling of belonging in community!

you are not born to fit in

you are designed to stand out!!!

I guide black sheep to set their souls on fire,

discover their colorful soul family and embrace feeling at home in their body!

i know how scary it is to speak up and say what you actually mean or express your true feelings...

i know what it feels like to be gaslighted or told that you are "too needy" or "too sensitive"... 

i know what it feels like to be rejected

or criticized for being different...


i know what it feels like to always be somewhat

of an "outsider" in your family,

friend group or community... 


want to know how i know?

read all about it here! 

i felt depressed, alone, fearful, confused and hella frustrated

for so many years!!!

but i'm going to be super real with you right now and tell you that you will always feel that way if you continue to neglect your true thoughts,

feelings, desires and needs!

When you suppress or abandon parts of yourself

in an effort to gain approval or acceptance from others you create tension within yourself that results in deep pain and a lack of trust for

yourself and those around you!

so let your voice be heard!!!

“Samantha's ability to share her wisdom and healing practices is a gift. Participating in her Ayurvedic workshop and cleanse proved to be a valuable experience in mind, body, and spirit. I appreciate the community of practitioners I've connected with and consider Sam a leader among them.”

-Karen G.

i have designed a program to take you

through this complete transformation!!!


No more feeling isolated from the world, misunderstood by those around you and feeling afraid to be rejected for being who you truly are!


You will be able to embrace your differences

with the confidence to stand out and

share your magic with powerful enthusiasm!


this deep and intimate 1:1 program with me

is designed for those who are ready

to cut out the bullshit!!! 

take ownership and command Your personal power

by taking action on making the necessary changes

in your life to feel liberated from the restraints

of worrying what others will think or expect of you!

you are the only person standing in your own way!

face your fears, face your pain and

get ready to feel all the feels!

gain all the tools and

support you need to glow!!! 

 this 6 week program is Special to each individual!

Using the practice of ayurveda (The science of life)

we will work together to uncover your unique body type to understand the specific diet, lifestyle

and daily practices your body needs!


i will be working along side

you every step of the way!

click the button below & book a discovery call 

to learn how to tune into your own body and

follow your own guidance by being your biggest support, care taker, teacher, lover and healer! 

over the course of 6 weeks we will be meeting

once a week for 2 hours through

zoom (video conference)...

so that we may connect from

anyplace all over the world!


 You will have the to chance to get to know yourself on a deep level by learning what it is that you need to feel vibrant and confident in any given moment!

Receive tools and techniques for removing 

the tight, sharp and suffocating tension within yourself so that you can feel at home in your body!

Integrate the parts of yourself you have abandoned, disconnected from, shut off or ignored and learn how to welcome them back in with full love, gratitude and self acceptance!

Gain support in finding a community
that embraces you for being who you truly are

with access to my exclusive facebook group!

Feel fully empowered and confident when speaking

to others about your thoughts and feelings! 


allow yourself to be seen and stand out

for ALL of your striking differences! 

Create your own system in which you can navigate through your life from without needing

to follow or listen to anyone else's!

 Week 1: receive a Full Ayurvedic evaluation to gain

a understanding of how your unique make up is designed and what diet, lifestyle and

daily practices you require in order to feel empowered and confident in your body!

week 2: learn a Heart based meditation technique

to establish a deep connection to the underlying source of energy, gaining access

to the entire universe and 

providing you with a sense of peace and fulfillment! 

week 3: enter into a 3 part Ayurvedic cleanse to reset your entire system and rid yourself of anything

that does not serve you... 

toxins, false beliefs and limiting thought patterns!!!

kindle your agni

(digestive fire & power center)

and gain additional support in the kitchen

with grocery shopping & cooking tips!

week 4: follow physical and emotional pain in the body back to its source to resolve childhood wounds/traumas and conditioning through

a simple and intimate practice

of healing light yoga therapy!!!

heal your subconscious mind so it doesn't

continue to impact your present day life! 

week 5: connect to nature (your true essence) through the practice of ayurveda by learning

how to sync up to all the different cycles... 

seasons, planetary alignments and times of the day in order to hone in on the energy avaIlable to you!


 week 6: step into your power by gaining trust with yourself after learning the specific self care methods your unique body constitution needs

to feel grounded and at home in your body!


What you do is truly heart and body melting sorcery magic.

All the different kinds of touch and your amazing presence literally disintegrated all my stress. I cried after, it was such a huge release and now I feel like I'm walking around wrapped in a warm cloud.

It's like no one has really SEEN me for years and you did!

I've truly never had an experience like this before,

I can't wait to reschedule again!!!"

-Chelsea S. 

i believe in you!

are you ready for your rebirth?

this profound investment in yourself is

your commitment to living your best life!

it's time to move into the drivers seat and make your impact in this world by allowing yourself

to be exactly who you were designed to be!!! 

to ignite your flame...

hit to button below and book your discovery call!

in the discovery call we will discuss your

greatest challenges, what your ideal version of

your life looks like to you and put together

a plan of action to get you there! 

you will receive...

  • 24/7 email support with me and a guaranteed 24 hour response for the entire 6 weeks!!!

  • a meditation technique that you can practice daily on your own and after completion of the program you will get a personalized mantra to use in your meditation that will support you in reaching your highest calling your lifetime! 

  • sample grocery shopping lists, diet plans and recipes to make cooking fun & easy! 

  • the knowledge of how to process your emotions in a healthy way as they come up and how to stay present with yourself through the process!