Vibrant being bodywork sessions

feel at home in your body!

Remove the tight, sharp, suffocating and

immobilizing feeling of tension in your body!

free yourself from the prison of your mind and

the racing thoughts that never seem to stop! 


feel lighter in your body like the world isn't constantly pressing down on you and instead move about your day with a lively spark of enthusiasm! 

“Wow Samantha!

I can't believe how much I truly needed your bodywork session without realizing it. My mind and body felt so rejuvenated the rest of the day

and ever for a day or so following.

There is something incredibly beautiful and healing about human touch, especially when shared in such an intentional and heart centered space.

Not only did the massage heal my body, I felt that our conversations shared during the session were a beautiful therapeutic experience in itself.

All in all, words fall short of how incredible of a healer you truly are-

I will definitely be promoting your services in any way I can...

it's important for people to know that healing is available!

Thank you so much Samantha! I can't wait for the next time

I'm in town to schedule another bodywork session/soul conversation therapy!"

-Lucas Z.

staying busy to avoid your pain

and uncomfortable feelings is

not the answer!!!

i spent years trying to run from the horrible,

intense burning sensation inside of my chest

and the uncontrollable avalanche of

thoughts that kept taking over my mind...

this only resulted in me feeling more imprisoned, hopeless and completely alone...


to escape these strangling feelings

i reached for drugs and alcohol. 


these created more tension in my body

every time i tried to momentarily disconnect

and was eventually always brought back to

the misery of my reality.


for each insult of abuse i did to my body and for every moment i spent neglecting these feelings

they amplified severely until i became completely devastated and the only option left

for my escape was suicide. 

at the root of all suffering is

disconnection, isolation and loneliness. 

before i could escape my physical body

through death, i was shown another way. 

i came to understand how crucial connection

is to everyones existence,

even more so than food or water.

if you don't believe me...

watch someone who is grieving or in loss.

they are not eating or drinking!!!

i have also been there.

but it wasn't only connection to those around me that i needed but also connection to myself.

i learned how to reconnect to the pain i tried endlessly to run from and ignore through

sound healing, acupuncture, reiki,

ayurvedic bodywork and  reflexology!


without a healthy outlet for your emotions and pain they will continue to build up and create an overwhelming amount of discomfort in your body until you cannot hold on to them any longer.

before you know it that little tap on the shoulder that was a bad feeling at first will eventually become a smack in the face such as a debilitating illness! 


your body will force you to slow down!!! 

slow down long enough to sit with what you

are feeling in any given moment!

you don't have to do this alone!!!

"Thanks again so much for the bodywork session!!

I felt physically lighter walking out of there! I haven't felt that relaxed/relieved in a long time. You worked so much tension out of my neck that I've been carrying for awhile- so grateful!

I will definitely  book another session soon!! Thanks again!!!"

-Andrew L. 

you can gain connection to yourself and also to another human being while embracing your pain!


in a vibrant being bodywork session you can experience safety from light and gently physical touch while also receiving nurturing assistance from sound vibrations, energy healing, auricular acupuncture, reflexology, aromatherapy,

infrared light therapy and the grounding

energetic support from crystals! 

each session is designed with the above practices 

to give you the exact environment and experience

you need to release your resistance to

moving towards your tension instead

of running away from it!

you will connect deeper with me in a intimate phone consultation before the session so that i can gain the best understanding of where

your blockages lie and how i can best

support you in removing them!

all you have to do is come exactly

as you are!!!

you will leave feeling warmth and at peace

in your physical body and free from

the constant noise in your mind!

i will support your in embracing your pain

and transforming it into your power, 

passion and inspiration by welcoming it forward

and following the trail of breadcrumbs... 

leading you to your relief from

deeply rooted pain and trauma! 


live your life feeling satisfied, whole and complete by developing a deeper connection to yourself by staying present with your feelings

in each and every moment!

Create the depth, trust and connection you seek first within you own body so that you may go out

and find it within your close relationships

and your community!


What you do is truly heart and body melting sorcery magic. All the different kinds of touch and your amazing presence literally disintegrated all my stress. I cried after, it was such a huge release and now I feel like I'm walking around wrapped in a warm cloud. It's like no one has really SEEN me for years and you did! I've truly never had an experience like this before, I can't wait to reschedule again!!!"

-Chelsea S.