Feel at home in your body!

I will support your in embracing your pain and transforming it into your power, passion and inspiration! It is scary to feel things alone, I understand that. I offer you a safe space to

fully feel anything you may be repressing, or running from and we can be with the together. 

To feel is to heal. 

In a each bodywork session you can experience safety from light and gentle physical touch

while also receiving nurturing assistance through multiple modalities ranging from...

sound vibrations, energy healing, auricular acupuncture, reflexology, aromatherapy,

infrared light therapy and the grounding energetic support from crystals! 

Many of these can also be paired together to create a deeper, more whole-istic session

for your relaxation and healing!

You will leave feeling a sense of warmth, at peace in your physical body

and free from the constant noise in your mind!​

Live your life feeling satisfied, whole and complete by developing a deeper connection

to yourself by remaining present with your feelings in each and every moment!

All you have to do is come EXACTLY as you are!

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